Where is Margaritaville? It’s in the tropics and you don’t have to be a navigator to get there. There is a beach and a thatched roof bar perched on the edge of the turquoise sea where you can always find a bar stool. Where is Margaritaville? It's a State of Mind.
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A Couple Of Cheeseburgers In Paradise
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Argh I'm Your Pirate
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Flipped And Flopped
Margaritaville Flip Flop Repair Shop
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Margaritaville Lost Shaker Of Salt Bar
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Margaritaville Lounge
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Margaritaville Paradise Grill
Margaritaville Volcano Club
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Parrot Head King
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Rocking Away In Margaritaville
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Wastin' Away Again
Yes, I Am A Pirate
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