Get It Right

GIR started with a simple mission: to revolutionize the spatula. They knew that if they designed a product with carefully chosen materials, an uncompromising focus on quality, and a bit of attitude, they would have something worth sharing with the world. And they got it right.

GIR's designs are served up daily by our team from California, Chicago, and New York.
96 results
Mini Flip/Turner Gray 11"
Mini Flip/Turner Lime 11"
Mini Flip/Turner Navy 11"
Mini Flip/Turner Red 11"
Mini Flip/Turner Teal 11"
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Mini Spatula Lime 8.5"
Mini Spatula Magenta 8.5"
Mini Spatula Navy 8.5"
Mini Spatula Red 8.5"
Pro Spatula Navy 16"
Pro Spatula Pink 16"
Pro Spatula Red 16"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Gray 12.5"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Lavender 12.5"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Lime 12.5"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Navy 12.5"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Red 12.5"
Ultimate Flip/Turner Teal 12.5"
Ultimate Ladle Gray 12.5"
Ultimate Ladle Lavender 12.5"
Ultimate Ladle Navy 12.5"

96 results

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