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From whiskey to avocados you can find your favorite food or beverage right here in the form of an ornament.
38 results
5"Noble Gems Gls Red Wine Santa Orn
9'Popcorn Garland
Only 3 left!
Apple Ornament
Beer Me Ornament
Bloody Mary Ornament
Coffee Cup Ornament 3.75"
Dinosaur Ornament 5.5" 5 Assorted
Fast Food Ornament 4.5" 4 Assorted
Foam Sliced Toast Ornament 4.5" 3 Assorted
Glass Ketchup Christmas Ornament 5.5"
Glass Liquor Bottle Ornament 3.5" 4 Assorted
Hamburger Ornament
Hollywood Chubby Wine Guy Nutcracker 11"
Only 4 left!
Hollywood Wine Sommelier Nutcracker 15"
Only 4 left!
Lemon Ornament
Make Mine A Double Ornament
Martini Time Ornament
Miniature Gurken
Moscow Mule Ornament
Muffin Ornament 3" 3 Assorted
Noble Gems Corn On The Cob Ornament 4.5"
Noble Gems Fast Food Ornament 3" 3 Assorted
Noble Gems French Baguette Ornament 8.25"
Noble Gems Glass Avocado Ornament 4.25"
Noble Gems Glass Bacon Ornament 5.75"
Noble Gems Glass Cereal Ornament 3.75"
Noble Gems Glass Hot Dog Ornament 4.5"
Noble Gems Glass Pasta Boxes Ornament 5"
Noble Gems Glass Pineapple Ornament 4.75"
Noble Gems Italian Cheese Ornament 3" 3 Assorted
Noble Gems Kitchen Glove Ornament 5.5"
Pickle Ornament
Santa with Whiskey Bottle & Glasses 10.5"
Shaken Not Stirred Ornament
Sqiushy Avocado Ornament 4"
Take Out Box Ornament
Whiskey Ornament
Wine Bottle & Grapes Ornament
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