Department 56 Cross Product

A great series of accessories to accompany your village display.
299 results
Fire Hydrant & Paper Box Set of 2
First Frost Trees Set of 3
Fresh Fallen Snow 7oz Bag
Friendly Neighbors Set of 4
Frosted Pine Grove, Set of 6
Giant Snow Laden Sisals Set of 2
Grassy Base, Medium
Grassy Base, Small
Only 1 left!
Gumdrop Park Birdhouses
Gumdrop Park Birdhouses
$ 6.88 $ 12.50
Gumdrop Park Steps
Gumdrop Park Topiaries Set of 2
Harvest Fields Hayride
Harvest Fields Pickup Truck
Harvest Fields Pup
Harvest Fields Steps
Hay Bales Set of 8
Here Comes Christmas
Hockey Practice Animated Set of 3
Holiday Bench
Holiday Bench
$ 8.50
Ice Crystal Blanket of Snow
Jumbo Frosted Sisal Trees Set of 2
Kensington Lane Lamp Posts, Set of 2
Lighted Christmas Bare Branch Tree
Limestone Lamps Set of 2
Limestone Steps
Only 3 left!
Limestone Steps
$ 12.50
Limestone Topiaries
Lit Candles Yard Décor
Only 4 left!
Lit Christmas Tree Lot
Lit Fire Pit
Lit Fire Pit
$ 17.50
Lit Ice Castle Corners Set of 2
Lit Ice Castle Gate
Lit Ice Castle Reindeer
Lit Ice Castle Santa
Lit Ice Castle Walls Set of 2
Lit Nutcracker Yard Décor Set of 2
Only 1 left!
Lit Palm Trees Set of 2
Lit Peppermint Snowflakes Set of 2
Lit Rotating Festive Tree
Lit Snow Laden Sisal Large
Lit Snow Laden Sisal Medium
Lit Village Outhouse

299 results

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