William Glen Introduces Gift Registry & Wishlists

William Glen Introduces Gift Registry & Wishlists

After much listening to you and with our extensive knowledge of registry needs, we are very pleased to re-introduce William Glen Gift Registry and Wishlists to help you, politely, tell your gift-giving friends and family what exactly you would like to receive.


Over the years gift giving has changed slightly but the purpose remains the same: to show our love and appreciation for each other in a tangible way and to celebrate and commemorate the very special moments in our lives. It isn't, as some would lead us to believe, a materialistic ritual. Rather, it is a way to memorialize these traditions that some of us hold dear.

Our family has always valued tradition and as such our father, Bill Snyder, founder of William Glen in 1963, was one of the world's best gift givers. He always enjoyed finding the perfect gift just as much as he enjoyed watching the recipient open it. It is a special thing to open something we have been lusting after or that very special thing we didn't know we wanted but fits our needs or lifestyle just beautifully.

By having a Gift Registry or a Wishlist our friends and family know exactly what we want and annoying returns and fake "oh, I just love it" statements are minimized. Simply sign up for either a Wishlist or a Gift Registry, complete some very basic data and start selecting your items. We can even ship them to the address of your choice.

Bill Snyder was always very proud of the service his gift registrars provided. We try in every way to emulate his customer service standards and with improved technology we can now offer similar service and satisfaction through our Gift Registry & Wishlist options.