The holiday season is here and so is Tea Time!

The holiday season is here and so is Tea Time!

Are you a Teatotaler?

The holiday season
is here and so is
Tea Time!

Our new tea collection is not your Grandmother's tea box. We have assembled a magnificent grouping of tea in unique flavor combinations. New twists with roots in traditional tea drinking circles. Try the Earl Grey Macron or the Sugar Cookie White Tea. The flavor pallets of these teas offers something for everyone.

Now, PinkyUp brands also provides a cure for the Teatotaling Blues. Try a fun new Tea Based cocktail with their very own Vanilla Chai. Use this recipe to create a new Vanilla Chai White Russian.

Available both at our William Glen Chef's Mercantile store in Old Sacramento and at our online store at  Selection has just arrived and is already selling out. Don't delay! Visit our stores in Old Sacramento or online right now to ensure you get your teatotaler on!

Since it first sprang into linguistic life in England, teetotalers did tend to drink tea in lieu of tipples, but the word arose from a kind of emphatic stutter. In 1833, a certain Richard Turner of Preston, England, used the word to advocate for "Tee-Total" abstinence from all alcohol, not just abstinence from hard liquor. Preston was ground zero for England's temperance movement, and "Dicky Turner's word" quickly became famous on both sides of the Atlantic, to the point where Dicky had "Author of the Word TEETOTAL" carved on his gravestone. Bon Appetit, January 3, 2013.