Wuz Noir

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This spangly serpent is named Wuz Noir. While he is rumored to change his hue, he is always in a caring and tutelary mood, offering sage advise and prophetic views. This guardian with jeweled eyes, will incite, delight and surprise. Unlike many others of his kind, Wuz's choler will never rise. He remains always loyal and ever coiled, poised to assist you with his wits well oiled, be it an issue with a slight foible or one that is embroiled. Allow him to decide which forks and roads to choose. You will never be lost, for want, or lose. Although his name may elude, you will have a protector in this glittering conoid named Wuz.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland 
Sterling Silver Lined Glass Snake Ornament
Trimmed with Czech Crystals
7.25" Tall