Wine Glass Writer Original Metallic 3 Pack

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A modern alternative to the wine glass charm, this 3-pack of Wine Glass Writer Markers will help you keep track of wine glasses at your next dinner party. The non-toxic ink dries in 1-3 minutes, and it washes off with soapy water after the party's over.

Write each party guest's name on their wine glass with this handy 3-pack of Wine Glass Writer Washable Markers
Works on glass, glazed ceramic, windows, and mirrors
1 silver marker
1 green marker
1 gold marker
Glasses sold separately
Non-toxic ink dries in 1-3 minutes
Washes off with soapy water

A trio of metallic gold, emerald green and silver. These sparklers add a bit of pizzazz to any event! Stays on for the life of the party. Washes off easily with a sponge. These writers make dinner parties more colorful and way easier. It’s no wonder these pens are the number one selling wine glass writer in North America! At your next gathering, you and your guests will have a great time showing off your creative skills using our metallic or colored wine glass writing markers all while avoiding inevitable cup mix-ups.

Original Metallic Colors
Set of 3