Stainless Steel Wave Slicer with Black Handle

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HIC’s Wave Slicer chops, slices and cuts decorative wavy-cut vegetables and fruits quickly and easily. Used over many generations, this vintage kitchenware is a great addition to kitchen gadgets and chef knives to save time during food preparation. No batteries or electric required. Create fun, healthy snacks in a jiff. Make waffle fries or pickle chips, slice fruits and vegetables into fancy garnishes and salad toppings, prep ingredients for stir fry recipes, tuna salad, chopped hard boiled eggs for easy egg salad, and so much more. To slice, simply set the blade onto the item and press down with a firm pressure. Use an up-and-down motion for chopping until desired texture is achieved.

HIC’s Wave Slicer works nicely as a mushroom slicer and strawberry slicer, too
The sharp steel blade of this hand chopper is sturdy and durable for effortless slicing
It’s sized perfectly for compact storage and much easier to clean than a mandolin slicer
Simply hand wash in warm, soapy water