Voatsiperifery Peppercorns from Madagascar 190g

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This variety of pepper grows in the wild and produces small berries with a stalk. They can be found in the hot and humid regions of south-east Madagascar on the foothills of the highlands. The vines grow up large trees in the tropical forest. These vines are sometimes out of reach and can grow to a height of 20 meters, which makes harvesting the peppercorns extremely difficult.

Preparing wild pepper is a tricky process, since the peppercorns feature a high water content and are very fragile. Ten kilos of fresh peppercorns are required to produce one kilo of dry spice. This variety of pepper is extremely rare.

Tips & Gastronomic uses :  You can use it to season salads, and it also goes well with meat, especially pork and lamb, as well as white fish. It is exceptional on foie gras. When it comes to vegetables, potatoes are the best match. It is the ideal companion for soft white cheeses and is especially suited to goat’s and sheep’s milk cheese. It lends itself perfectly to making pâté, terrines, preserves, gherkins and other pickles.

The biggest surprise comes with desserts, such as with fruit, melon, strawberries, cherries, apples, pears and especially chocolate.

Dried peppercorns