Universal Edge Guard Black Set of 5

$ 12.99

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Protects your knives edges from damage and extend your edge life when storing in your kitchen drawer or chef roll bag.

Set includes 5 different sizes- 1"x 4.2" (paring knife), 1" x 7.5" (Utility knife or santoku) ,  1"x 8" (Carving or bread knife), 1.5" x 8" (chef knife), 1.5" x 6" (sm. chef or santoku)
Store and transport knives safely without damaging or dulling their blade edge; protects the edges of your knives and your fingers, too
Designed for safe, drawer storage and transportation in knife bags and cases, Flared top has a wider opening so you can safely insert your knife blade into the guard
Works on all stamped, forged, and ceramic knives; to clean wipe with a damp cloth