Traditional Cranberry Classic Taper 12"

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Enjoy the simplicity of an unscented, fragrance free candle. Colonial Candle Classic tapers are the perfect accessory for decorating and entertaining. Made from the highest quality wax, our Classic tapers ensure a smooth, clean-burning, virtually dripless candle that burns slowly and evenly. The beveled base provides stability and support needed for most taper holders. 

Sold by each taper
Each 12" Classic taper burns for up to 10 hours.
These tapers are unscented, with the exception of the Bayberry taper sets, to ensure the ultimate dining experience without the threat of a fragrance overpowering your cuisine. 
Colonial Candle tapers are ‘Drip Resistant’ which means they will burn beautifully if kept out of drafts and away from excessive heat sources 
Two styles of taper dinner candles: Handipt and Classics. 
Be sure tapers are straight, and set firmly in the taper candle holders. 
Always use wax buttons to help ensure taper safety.