Prior to motorized vehicles, besides walking, horse and carriage was the main mode of transportation around the busy streets of London. For many, having a horse and carriage in town was either inconvenient or impossible. Public transportation and for hire service grew to meet the need. The Hansom Cab, a smaller 2-wheeled carriage, was well suited for 1-2 passengers on quick trips, and required only one horse. The Cab Company building housed the stable for the horses, parking for cabs, and an office for the business records. The side room held a small kitchen, where light fare was offered to waiting passengers.

Introduced: January 2017
Retired: November 2018

Replacement Bulb: 56.99244
Replacement Cord: 56.99028
Coordinates with: Holiday Cab Ride 4056638
Size: 7.5"Hx5"Wx6.25"L
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