Tang Wing

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This jeweled butterfly is named Tang Wing. It was commissioned long ago by a queen for her king, as a remembrance that love is enduring. He was her love, her friend, her everything. Never apart since she took his ring, they lived in a peaceful and prosperous kingdom, where the people flourished under their rulers’ kind hearts and wisdom. The favorite spot for the loving couple was their garden. In warm summer afternoons they would sit hand and hand and swing, admiring the sky with it's cloud’s and stars ever changing. In fall they walked daily through the garden’s colorful leaves, with garland draped unicorns following. In the winter while the snow was gently falling, as their sculpted holly bushes were abundantly blooming, and the snowflake filled trees were twinkling and gleaming, they sashayed to the sounds of pianos, lutes and violins. But their favorite time of all was the spring. They would stroll in their flower filled fields and gardens, as the birds and butterflies gathered round them to dance and sing, heralding this couple and praying for their eternal well being.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland 
Sterling Silver Lined Glass Yellow Butterfly Christmas Ornament 
Trimmed with Czech Crystals
2.5" Tall