Potato Brush

$ 2.99
SKU: 7500hic
The proper tool for the job as Martha Stewart always says. Use this corn brush to remove dirt particles and to provide a clean surface for cooking that perfect baked potato. Dual textured bristles scrub softly from side to side and firmly from top to bottom.

Bay Mill's Potato Cleaning Brush gently removes dirt, pesticides and debris from fresh potatoes without the use of chemicals or causing damage Made from high-quality food-grade polyethylene; easy to grip, even when hands are wet; durable and reusable; saves time and reduces food waste Dual-textured bristles clean potatoes for safe consumption without damage; brush side-to-side for a soft touch, top-to-bottom for a firmer scrub Originally designed for surgical use, redesigned for delicate vegetables; scrubs carpet and fabric stains, cleans nails, holds bar soap, and more.

Remove contaminants without peeling away and discarding skins and their vital nutrients
Rinses clean
Top-rack dishwasher safe
3 x 1.25"