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Polly is the name of this prominent perky parrot. Thanks to tutelage of her devoted worldly parents, she is able to converse in most Indo-European, Sino-Tibetan , and Niger-Congo languages. While this linguistic ability has it’s advantages, there are a few related challenges. Renowned for winning many scholarships on merit, Polly’s intelligence is apparent, but she does not flaunt it. This proud bird is performance driven and fearless, but does not want to be a show bird on exhibit, answering questions has it’s limits. While the offers are many and to all she listens, Polly has no interest in gigs on the talk show circuit, or appearing at venues that have sold tickets. Translating poetic and historical works, is where Polly spends time and feels her worth. She will not eat or respond to questions about crackers, asking for pickles or biscuits she minds her manners, Then focuses on global concerns and worldly matters.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined Glass Bird Holiday Decoration
Collectible Colorful Parrot Christmas Ornament
6.75″ Tall