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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Beaded and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined Mouth Blown Glass Astrology Ball Ornament
Special Decorated Pisces Zodiac Sign Christmas Ornament
Horoscope Holiday Decoration with Two Jeweled Fish
Glass Ball Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration Trimmed with Tassel and Czech Crystals
4″ Diameter

Pisces' Story;

Set in the universe’s stars by the all mighty,
the twelfth sign of the zodiac is Pisces.
Those born under this astrological water sign,
are said to be fundamentally wise.
 They are also not only generous, genuine and affable,
but highly intuitive and mythically adaptable,
able to move, switch and swish like their symbol the fish,
they navigate nicely through any crisis.
 These twin fish are also astrology’s nicest.
For Pisces are by nature never jealous,
a trait that many lesser signs should relish.
They are well known for their empathy and sharing,
so it is no surprise that they are also faithful and caring.
Unlike some signs of the zodiac,
they will always be loyal and have your back.
Pisces are epically romantic,
and are best paired with Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer.
With a Pisces strong intuition and creativity are standards.
For music they seem to have an innate proclivity,
and spirituality is a strong part of their psyche.
As above, so below,
this is in short everything about Pisces we know.