Paris U Select Black Lacquer Salt Mill 7"

$ 52.00
SKU: 23713
Paris stands out from the crowd as the flagship model of the Peugeot collection.
It offers the greatest number choices: 5 finishes in total – natural, chocolate, black lacquered, red lacquered and white lacquered; and many sizes, ranging from 10 cm, up to 110 cm, according to the colour.

It is equipped with the u’ Select grind selection system.
Made of solid wood
Black lacquer paint
7" tall
U select grind system allows you to choose your exact grind size

Fine or coarse grind… is it just a question of taste?
Actually it depends on personal taste and the dish being prepared. While personal taste plays a role, some dishes call for coarse salt or pepper, whereas others require either or both to be finely ground. A finer grind will be used for a delicate sauce or mixed raw vegetables and a coarse grind for a steak or when cooking foie gras.