Paris Poppy Red Lacquer Pepper Mill 7"

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The poppy-red Paris pepper mill won’t go unnoticed. The colour, a bright vivid red, brings great energy to this classically-shaped mill! The Paris model is the archetypal mill. Known throughout the world for its performance and longevity, it appeals to the greatest chefs and lovers of flavour!

 With a surface entirely made of wood, turned, painted and assembled in France, in Franche-Comté, it has the advantage of a Peugeot pepper grinding mechanism, made of steel, which comes with a lifetime guarantee

The shiny metal knob, engraved with the Peugeot lion’s head, is used to adjust the coraseness of the grind

The tighter the knob, the finer the grind

The poppy-red Paris pepper mill is your long-term assistant in seasoning of the dishes that you create