Papa Cusco

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Papa Cusco dwells somewhere over the rainbow, in a place that we of this earth have not seen or known. He exists without fanfare or show, in a manner that is humble and subdued. He is a part of the divine pattern started long ago, sent down from above now acted out here below. Just as Spring’s fragrant flower filled meadows, turn into winter wonderlands of snow, all is reaped, restored and sown. Our lives in tandem with the tides’ ebbs and flows, are filled with highlights and shadows. We sway to life's ever changing rhythms and tempos, as the eternal winds of joy and sorrow blow. In the words of Papa Cusco, "Faith and dreams will pull you through. Keep the light aglow until tomorrow."

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland 
Sterling Silver Lined Glass White and Blue Patterned Santa Ornament
6.25" Tall