Pansy Red & Grey Rectangle Tablecloth 71 x 106"

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Floral patterns intermix with abstract designs in the Pansy tablecloth, providing a classic yet modern backdrop to any table setting. With a vibrant array of colors and intriguingly complex patterns, this French linen has been carefully handprinted by skilled artisans using a time-honored technique, resulting in a singular piece of craftsmanship.

Features a richly colored pattern reflecting the natural splendor of Southern France
Designed exclusively for Couleur Nature by Parisian artist Bruno Lamy
Machine washable and colorfast
100% cotton
Easily cared for and suitable for everyday use
Each handmade French country tablecloth naturally features slight variations, making it a unique piece of art
Made in Jaipur, India, by fairly paid artisans working in healthy, safe conditions
Seats 6 - 8