Otto der Nussknacker Nutcracker

This is the tale of Otto der Nussknacker, who glitters and shines in his coat of brilliant lacquers. A deep thinker he stands at attention and has much to offer, but forever on duty he will never join in any chatter, or break file with a fit of giggles or a bout of laughter. However, if directly asked a question, he will silently answer. A dapper dresser he is debonair with elan and swagger, He possesses both the je ne sais quoi and x factors, everyone adores him and he unwitting holds them captive. Many unrequited admirers have fired at him with rounds of smackers, their stories could fill several books with many chapters, earning him the title of “Casanova of the Crackers, but only the limbs of a tannenbaum are what Otto always longs for. He also deftly handles any night noise mysteries or matters, quieting and conquering all unknown booms, bumps or clatters. A friend to everyone including the local postman, porter, prosecutor and pastor, Otto is part of the special secret order of glass nutcrackers, who if loved will guard and stand by you from now until happily ever after.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined Mouth Blown Glass Nutcracker Christmas Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals
6.5" Tall 
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