Original Mexican Vanilla 3.3oz

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Vanilla grows naturally only in Mexico thanks to the melipona bee population. Deep inside of Veracruz Mexico, the Canosa family worked away cultivating the perfect vanilla. That’s where founders Molly Anderson and Sherry Dixon come in. The rest, we can say, is history. Together they established the Blue Cattle Truck Trading Company in 1999 to share the precious Canosa family reserve of vanilla with the entire world.

Vanilla Bean Extractive in Purified Water.
10% Alcohol
Less than 1% Natural Vanillin (for consistency)
No Additives / No Preservatives
Made with the Richest Vanilla Beans on Earth
Diploma of Honor, Gold Medal First Prize, Mexico
Imported from Mexico – Bottled in the United States
Single Sourced, using Grade-A Mexican vanilla beans
Coumarin Free
FDA Registered
Gluten Free
All Natural
3.3oz bottle