On The Go Personal Coffee Maker

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The On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker keeps up with your busy lifestyle by quickly brewing coffee directly into the stainless steel insulated thermal travel mug so you never have to leave your brew behind. Full stainless steel housing for superior strength and style
16-oz stainless steel thermal travel mug, perfect for those on the go, or those wanting a quick single cup at home. Large permanent filter can hold up to 6 tablespoons of medium ground coffee for maximum strength, adjust strength by adding less ground coffee. The On-the-Go also works with pre-packaged soft coffee pods for an even quicker brew and faster clean up. As an added convenience and safety feature, the unit automatically shuts off after the brew cycle is complete. It also includes an On/Off button to save energy when not in use. Use the mug to measure out the water before filling the water tank to ensure no coffee will overflow.


Use included travel mug or your own mug (up to 7” tall)
Heats up quickly to the perfect temperature of 200°F for properly extracted coffee
Brew with ground coffee or soft coffee pods
Large shower head for perfect saturation and extraction
Brews in less than four minutes
Removable permanent filter is easy to use and clean; eliminates the need for paper filters
Travel mug, coffee filter and removable filter basket are dishwasher safe
Travel Mug fits snuggly in most car cup holders
Additional stainless steel travel mugs available
H-12" x W-5¼" x L-6½"