Oil & Flavor Mister - Black

$ 17.99
SKU: A27300
The Mastrad flavor and oil mister is ideal for low-fat cooking, our non-aerosol mister sprays foods with a fine mist of oil. The simple kitchen gadget features a built-in filter that performs well with olive oils flavored with herbs, cheese and garlic that would otherwise clog the sprayer. Featured on the Dr. Oz Show. Cooks Illustrated tested 5 oil misters and voted Mastrad's Oil Mister as the winner. - The flavor and oil mister sprays thin and even layers to season salads, meats, and oven dishes; and unlike an aerosol, the flavor & oil mister can be used repeatedly. - Mastrad oil mister has a built in filter, this flavor mister allows oil to be flavored with herbs or peppers without clogging the mister. Our oil mister can be used as a cooking oil sprayer, olive oil mister, and much more... - Our oil mister is easy to use, just move the top up and down like a pump action. The pressure is created and the oil mister is ready to go. - Size: Height = 6.5" x 2 1/4" diameter. Hold 4 ounces of liquid to fill line - Directions for use on bottom of Mister.