The Candy Crush craze encouraged Santa at the North Pole to open a new production facility, specializing in DELICIOUS Candy Crush candies. Familiar melodies can be heard from this SWEET factory. The twin stacks allude to the full time creation of TASTY treats going on inside. Only Santa’s elves can produce enough DIVINE delectable candy in time for Christmas, satisfying the whole world’s SUGAR CRUSH cravings. Complete with authentic sound bites from the Candy Crush game.

Introduced: January 2017
Retired: November 2018

Replacement Bulb: None
Replacement Cord: Custom Adapter
Coordinates with: Bubblegum Troll's Mischief 4058495; Yeti's North Pole Treats 4058260
Plays: Authenitc sound bites from the Candy Crush game!
Series: Candy Crush
Size: 8"Hx4.75"Wx7"L
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