Nikolas Laureles

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This is the story of a fair and generous king named Nikolas Laureles, whose reign was long, peaceful and glorious. When Laureles was born his parents designed a wreath shaped crown, which they kept as a gift for the future coronation of their son. The crown was the most beautiful thing ever seen by anyone. His parents always dressed him in robes bearing images of the wreath. As Nikolas grew into a man he embraced the duties of his station, but shunned all formalities and social affectations. As a young king he was beloved by everyone in his own kingdom, he was also a favorite among all other lands and dominions. One day word came from the far away city of Bethlehem, about the imminent arrival of the new holy King. So Laureles set out on a journey to meet and honor him. It is said that Laureles packed his famous diadem, intending to bestow it as a gift to the newborn holy King. Though the crown was a poor fit for a humble holy man, who had little need for extravagant gifts of gems, Nikolas wanted to express his faith and love to the new friend. Along the way Nikolas and his group were caught in a severe sand storm. The desert howled for days and when the storm finally ended the landscape had been transformed. Their camp site was in disarray and the legendary wreath was no where to be found. Nikolas was forlorn but continued on and arrived empty handed in Bethlehem days later at dawn. While this is a story of days bygone, the memory of Laureles and his intended gift for the newborn King lives on.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined Free Blown Glass
Trimmed with Czech Crystals
6.75" Tall
Also works as a tree topper