Neil's TV & Repair

$ 140.00
SKU: 6003136e
In July of 1969, people across America gathered in front of their televisions to witness history in the making as our astronauts took mankind’s giant first step on the moon. Because of downtown appliance stores like Neil’s TV & Repair, TVs were becoming common place in our homes. Special events often caused a rush of consumer buying, making it possible to witness history as it unfolded. Check the front windows, where tiny lit screens show images of the famous moon walk.

Introduced: January 2019
Retired: November 2019

Numbered Limited Edition
Coordinates With: 6003147 One Giant Step!
Features: Lit TV screens in the display window show the moon landing images
Replacement Bulb: None
Replacement Cord: Custom Adapter, included
Size: 8.25”H x 4.5”W x 5.75”L