Moss Lichen Autumn Bag

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SKU: 04731AUT
Autumn colored lichen is a perfect moss for a variety of designs and uses. This lichen can be thought of as a band-aide… when you have a problem, such as split leaves, glue dropped on leaves, flowers or ribbon, simply add a little more glue and cover with simple lichen. This gives added dimension, interest, and covers a multitude of sins.

Autumn lichen is wonderful as a source of texture and the varying shades of brown, yellow and orange make a beautiful contrast against other colors. Before using, dip in warm water then blot with a towel or place on newspaper and let drain. This allows the lichen to regain its shape and look fresh as though it were growing in the forest.

Works beautifully in village displays
Use in crafts or art projects
6 x 6" bag of moss