Merry Macarons

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Merry Macarons, they come in groups of three, with plentiful flavors, made to share with you & me. Chocolate, Pistachio and Rose, into the confectionery shop we go, to taste these sweet meringue delights, before our sugar highs take flight. Baked to perfection, with sugary confection, this sweet treat takes on many complexions. Flavor filled wonders in puffy pastry puree, topped with sprinkles in colorful array. These pretty desserts are gourmet delights, light and filling, ideal for our appetites. Merry Macarons, the international sensations, thank you for these beautiful creations.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined Glass Chocolate, Pistachio and Rose Flavored Macarons Christmas Ornament
4″ Tall