Matcha Tea Scoop

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Helen's Asian Kitchen Bamboo Matcha Tea Chashaku Scoop for measuring and preparing a tasty, frothy cup of traditional Matcha tea. Used for hundreds of years, this specially designed scoop measures the ideal amount of Matcha for the perfect brew every time. Simply measure a heaping scoop of Matcha tea into a cup or bowl, pour in boiled water, and gently whisk until tea is frothy. A useful addition to kitchen utensils and tea accessories, Helen Chen's Matcha Tea Scoop is crafted from 100-percent natural bamboo to be lightweight, strong, and less absorbent than wood. Although bamboo is technically a grass, its tensile strength is comparable to that of steel, making it extremely strong and durable. It regenerates through a vast root system without need of replanting and boasts a record-breaking growth rate that surpasses any other known plant. For these reasons, bamboo is considered among the world's greatest renewable resources and the alternative used over traditional materials for the sustainable design of eco-friendly products, making these biodegradable forks perfect for those concerned about more sustainable living.

Rinse in warm water immediately after each use
Shake off any excess water
Do not use soap as bamboo will absorb aromas and flavors
Dry thoroughly before storing

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