Madeleine Pan 16 Well

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The USA PAN® 16-well Madeleine Pan allows you to make the perfect French-style Madeleine cookies. Indulge in a French favorite dessert with a delicious coffee or espresso. The pan surface is coated with Americoat, a proprietary natural non-stick silicone, allowing you to easily remove your baked goods from the pan. The non-stick feature makes clean-up truly effortless.

AMERICOAT® is made without PTFE, PFOA and BPA. USA PAN®’s professional grade bakeware helps everyday home bakers produce professional grade baked goods.

Baking Surface Dimensions:
2 x 3 x 0.625 inches in each well

Outer Dimensions:
15.750 x 11.125 x 0.5625 inches

Aluminized Steel