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This beautiful ballerina is named Annalisa. All that knew her deeply miss her. While she grew up to travel the world, doing plies, jetes and swirls, Annalisa was born and remained a Lake Como girl. She arrived on Christmas eve in a small village in Italy, to a pair of glass artists who specialized in Natale. Her proud mama and papa were of course smitten naturally, and everyone else who met her adored her instantly. She was a kind and helpful child and daughter, who filled everywhere she went with joy and laughter. She also possessed a gift for dry wit and banter. By a young age both the Italian and English languages she had mastered, which she used with graceful moves, regal manners and gentle candor. Twirling heads she became a beautiful debater and verbal dancer. She grew into a busy wife, mother, business woman and soul sister. Then after many prayers she was crowned with her favorite role, the one she hoped for, cherished and coveted beyond all, the loving and proud mother of a beautiful principessa. The new family was happy and felt blessed, God smiled on their child and love filled their nest. They lived for several years in happiness, until the day Annalisa left for the heavens. You will find her looking down from up in the clouds, spending her days dancing in front of angelic crowds. Annalisa, the bella ballerina, will always be remembered. Her time spent here was certainly treasured.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy 
Free Blown Glass Ballerina Ornament
7" Tall
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