Lefty's Chain Saw Repair And Studio

$ 90.00 $ 54.88
Horror movies of pop culture have left us a deep impression that a deranged hermit with a chainsaw will terrorize the whole community. Welcome, Lefty. He’s really very harmless, and just has a strange way of expressing his art, tree trunk and stump carvings. Several different types of power saws conveniently hang from the eves, while handsaws, chisels and axes are stored beneath the windows. Inside, under an eerie red light, Lefty spends his nights repairing chainsaws for others.

Introduced: January 2017
Retired: November 2017
Replacement Bulb: 4048110
Replacement Cord: 4035315
Coordinates with: Lefty's Passion 4056711
Size: 7.75"x5"Wx9.5"L
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