LED 5mm Multi Light Green Cord End to End 50 Lights

$ 19.99

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Indoor/outdoor rated, multi colored LED lights are nice and very close to the incandescent color,use for weddings, parties, patios, walkways, gazebos, Christmas trees, wreaths and pergolas or wherever lighting decoration is needed

UL listed and commercial grade quality,LEDs use up to 90% less energy,the led string light is made with a male and female plug and 2 extra fuses for replacements
Bulb lifespan up to 75,000 hours,each lights string set is made with a sealed pre-molded bulb which has been tested to cut down drastically on defects and provides years of use
Perfect for outdoor lighting decorations and has tail end female connector,light strand is connectable end to end and can be connected up to 4 strings of exact same set
Patented one-piece construction eliminates corrosion from moisture,and no extra adapter is needed,bulbs are cool to touch,with the rectifier,keep the light steady (not twinkled)