King & Guard Nutcracker 24" Chose from 2 Designs

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This 2 piece King and guard nutcracker set is gorgeous and unique. The guard is painted in red with an intricate gold design and accented with white faux jewels. His hat is red with gold and blue accents. He is holding a sword and stands on a square base. The king is painted in green with gold accents and white faux jewels. His is crown is red and gold trimmed in blue and red around the rim. He is holding a gold scepter and stands on a square red base. These nutcrackers complement each other and can be displayed together or separately.

Product Information
Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 14 inches
Item Weight: 14 pounds
The nutcrackers are decorative, they are not intended to crack nuts
Nutcrackers are made from MDF (a type of compressed wood product)