Ginger Deliveries

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While details about the creator of this piece remain a mystery, legend has it that when Santa was a boy this unique gingerbread sleigh was designed as a centerpiece for the table on Christmas day. It was moved from the kitchen to the main dining room gingerly, there the sugar iced and jewel crusted confection sat glittering. The young Santa studied and admired it for days lovingly. The elaborately detailed piece made a spectacular display. Santa decided to share the sleigh with an open house for the holidays. Lines formed for miles to see Ginger Deliveries. For weeks the attention was unwavering. Everyone who saw it declared it was amazing. Then on Christmas eve morning the sleigh was replaced by a large nativity. It was breathtaking beautiful and heavenly. Santa’s smiling face was glowing as he winked and there was no question, it was a silent reminder and gave pause for reflection. Santa’s Christmas present was this lesson. It was the start of a new Christmas tradition. Santa’s annual open house always ends with this Christmas gift and blessing.

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
Sterling Silver Lined European Blown Glass Gingerbread Sleigh Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals
5″ tall