Gardening Shears Set of 2

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Wusthof, who is already famous for their superior kitchen cutlery, has just released a new set of Gardening Shears for the home cook who also loves flowers or growing vegetables and herbs. Snip your fresh vegetables right off the vine or bush, then bring them to the kitchen and slice them up with your matching Wusthof knives. The Flower shears are ideal for cutting fresh flowers or herb, and also trimming dead or dying stems and flowers. The Pruning shears cut through thicker stems, up to a half inch in diameter, perfect for cutting anything from cucumbers, squash, peppers and various fruits to even keeping shrubbery and houseplants well-groomed. Limited Lifetime Wusthof Guarantee. Wusthof item number 8625.

Set Includes: Flower Shears & Pruning Shears

Perfect shears for the home cook who also loves to garden.
Stainless steel blades with 0.5% carbon content to improve sharpness
Contrasting handles to prevent loss in garden
Quality Wusthof Product, Lifetime Warranty