This charming Dickens' Village building includes a specially developed sound chip of song birds and provides an almost ambient background noise.  Birds were extremely popular in 19th century England.  Kept in elaborate cages, they were more than pets, but ornamentation in Victorian parlors.  For the less fortunate, a small bird was considered a cherished luxury.  Without recorded music, or electronics that provide transmitted noise, the simple songs made by birds were very welcomed in homes.    How appropriate to select a bird seller to represent our next addition to the continuing series, Twelfth Night, inspried by the "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and Four Calling Birds.  

Introduced: January 2015
Retired: November 2017

Adaptor Included
Power Source: Adapter- 3V DC 500mA 1.5W, no bulb                                
Replacement Bulb: LED lit, no bulb needed                           
Replacement Cord: Custom Adapter
Coordnates with: Love Birds 4044819
Plays: Chirping Bird Sounds
Series: Twelfth Night
Size: 7.17"Hx4.65"Wx4.92"L
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