The history of pull toys dates back to 2000 B.C. in ancient Egypt and Greece when toys made of clay animals were fitted with wheels.  Pulled behind a child, they added a new dimension of play not found with other toys.  In America during the 1800, pull toys were made of pressed tin or molded from cast iron.  Fisher-Price™ classic toys are still popular today, ranging from the Chatter Telephone to the Bouncy-Bee.  This new North Pole factory highlights the production of the Snoopy Dog and Doodle Duck, showing where the installation of squeakers, wheels, top hats, and glasses are completed.   The all important string feeds off of a mounted spool.  Vintage styled signage features more irresistible toys.  

Introduced: January 2016
Retired: Novemeber 2016
Porcelain and Zinc Alloy
Replacement Bulb:  56.99244
Replacement Cord:   56.99028
Attachments:  2 Red flags wave from the roof peaks
Coordinates With: Toot-Toot Tester 4050969; Follow The Leader 4050970
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Size: 6.58"Hx5.43"Wx7.17"L
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