Farmhouse Aged Hanging Bread Board with Galvanized Metal 23.5" Style #2

$ 69.00
Journey back to the farm with us to find this wonderful and unique reproduction farmhouse style bread board hanging art piece. Stained and aged with Christopher's signature and proprietary method, this wonderful period looking bread board will look wonderful in any kitchen or dining setting. This piece easily transitions between farmhouse, french country, industrial and modern. This piece makes a wonderful wall hanging with its hand-tied leather strap or a unique gift for the dining table or bar or even the coffee table. But do be sure to remind the recipient that this is for decoration only.

This version offers the same rustic charm but with added galvanized metal "patches" to mend the board from celebrations of the generations that have passed this board on to the current generation. This is a romanticized version of what Christopher sees in his farm house dreams.

Style #2 Shown

23.5 x 19 x 0.75"
Galvanized metal "patches" are for decor only and are not actually mending breaks
Includes hanging leather strap
Each piece will vary
Styling is similar on each piece but will have features unique to the aging process
The aging process includes staining, and wood treatments to achieve pits, chips and other markings that give a wonderful worn look
For decorative purposes only
Metal patches imply some sharp edges