Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter

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Fantes Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter cuts 4 uniform strips of dough at one time; from 3/8-inch to 4 7/8-inch wide, and up to 7/8-inch thick. Cut strips of dough for pie lattices, fettuccine, lasagna, farfalle and egg noodles; cut squares for garganelle, ravioli, turnovers and breadsticks

Similar-sized pieces of dough cook evenly for better results
Wheels and frame are stainless steel; loosen wing nut and adjust frame to desired space between cutting wheels; tighten wing nut to lock in place
No assembly required; wipe with a clean, dry cloth or damp sponge; dry thoroughly; do not submerge in water;
Works well for marking brownies and rice crispie treats for even cutting
Fante's recipes and instructions included