Edgar De Coop

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This Rooster with a tail like a loop that never droops, is a farmyard Duke named Edgar de Coop. In rain or shine Edgar stands in his birthday suit, guarding the barnyard from either his hay tufted stoop, or the high eaves of hen house roof. At first sight he may seem a bit quiet and aloof, but this rooster is beloved and beyond repute, and is the undisputed leader of his finely feathered group. Never one to crow, toot or rebuke, he has gently reigned over time as a sage Duke, that has never once been duped, keeping his peeps and brood from the barnyard spooks, like the fox, coyote and chicken soup!

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland 
Sterling Silver Lined Glass Rooster Ornament
5.5" Tall