Dog with Christmas Tree Ornament 4.25" 1Choose from 4 Designs

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Kurt Adler has created a collection for dog lovers and their breed. This ornament features a specific breed of dog with a Christmas tree for personalization.

Please Specify:  Pug (C7615PU,2A), West Highland Terrier (C7615WH), Red Daschund (C7615RDA) and Jack Russell Terrier (C7615JR), Cocker Spaniel (C7615CS, 2A), Boston Terrier (C7615BT), Labradoodle (C7615LD) and Bassett Hound (C7615BH), 3 Each Bichon Frise (C7615BF) and Goldendoodle (C7615GD) or Shetland Sheepdog (C7615SS).

Made of resin
Can be written on for personalization
Perfect for dog lovers
Item Size: 4.25-inches tall