D3 Stainless Steel Dutch Oven with Lid 5.5 Quart

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All-Clad triply Stainless combines the strength and beauty of stainless steel with the conductivity of aluminum for consistent culinary results.

Dutch Oven 

The dutch oven, also known as a cocotte, features a round bottom that facilitates effortless stirring without sticking. The domed lid is specially designed to retain moisture by returning flavorful vapors. The lid can be used either in the oven or on the stovetop and can be removed to finish cooking. Generously large and deep, the dutch oven can be used for braising, stewing, browning and slow cooking, all in the same vessel, making it an excellent choice for one-pot meals.

Material    ALU TRIPLY  
Oven compatibility    YES  
Dishwasher safe    YES  
Inside Coating/finish    POLISHED  
Outside coating/finish    MIRROR POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL  
Outside coating color    STAINLESS STEEL POLISHED  
Pouring Edge    YES  
Handle type    Fixed  
Handle Material    STAINLESS STEEL  
Recipe book       YES