Cut Resistant Glove Child

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Protect the smallest hands in the kitchen with Microplane’s cut resistant gloves for kids! This Microplane product is a childrens cut resistant glove that fits small hands and is the perfect kitchen tool to get your child involved in meal prep. 

Now, you can protect children’s fingers and knuckles when they’re working in the kitchen with our comfortable cut resistant protective gloves for little hands. Give yourself some peace of mind in the kitchen when your kids are helping out. Plus, they’re easy to clean and fit either hand for both left and right-handed junior chefs. Teach your kids to be safe in the kitchen while they learn to love cooking and great food at an early age!

Cut resistant wire-free knit glove
Fits either hand and one size fits most
Protects hands from accidental contact with sharp blades
FDA Compliant for food contact
EN388 Level 5 for cut resistant
ANSI Level 4 for cut resistant
Teflon or heat protection is not rated