The precursor to the movie theaters, magic lantern shows became widespread in London during the 1800’s. Similar to more modern day slide projectors, a magic lantern used a light source to project an image from a slide onto a large white surface. Light sources were originally candles or oil lamps, and slides were made of characters and scenes hand-painted onto glass. Changing the slides in succession could create the illusion of a moving picture. Small, comfortable theatres like the Criterion sprang up around London as more working class people began to enjoy Magic Lantern Shows.

Introduced: January 2017
Retired: November 2017
Porcelain New Flickering Interior Light!
Replacement Bulb: 4059454
Replacement Cord: 56.99028
Coordinates with: The amazing magic lantern show 4056640
Size: 6.75"Hx5"Wx6.5"L
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