Claus De Flores

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Years ago there was a man who lived with his wife in a small thatched cottage that had been his grandfathers’. Everyday the man would sit from dawn til dusk embroidering beautiful textiles with needles he inherited from his father. The threads he used were spun from silk worms that his family had cultivated since that days of Marco Polo. He, like his forbearers, was a hard working and humble. Although he created the most luxurious pieces ever seen, word of his talents never spread beyond his remote village. The man and lived for many years with his wife, hoping to have a child. Over time they settled into the company of only the other. They both embraced their work with the love they would have given to a child. They were content and thanked God for one another and for the work at hand. One fall a small boy appeared at the couple’s door. He was scantily clad and did not speak a word but stared with soiled hands and bare feet at the embroidered fabric the couple was working on. They offered the lad a bowl of soup at dinnertime, which he quickly ate and then he rested on a feather, filled comforter by the fire. The couple began to softly sing for the child and soon he was in a deep sleep. The next day and the following passed in the same way and soon the days were weeks, the weeks became months, and the months turned to years. No one knew where the boy came from but over the passage of time he became the couple’s son and when his mother passed he was his father’s comfort and support. He learned how to tend to the silkworms and how to sew and embroider. He worked with tireless passion, eagerly developing his skills. In secret one year the son created a red silk floral patterned gown embroidered with gold, silver and rubies. The piece was exquisite and when he presented the gift to his father he said, “This is for you Claus de Flores! Everyday I have been here has been a blessing and filled with love and joy. Thank you.”