The booth is designed to replicate a Coo-Coo Clock.
The clocks on display are set at 5 to 6 for Department 56.
Notice the little Coo-Coo birdie at the top. 
Sign:  Kuckucksuuhren means Coo-Coo clocks. 
Stag head at the top and carved oak leaves are details of a traditional clock.

Introduced: May 2016
Retired: November 2018

Set of 2: Black Forest Clock booth and Vendor Figure
Battery Operated (2C) 
Works with AC/DC Adapter 56.55026 or 56.53500
Series: Christmas Market
Ninth in a continueing series
Size: 5.5"Hx3.5"Wx3.75"L; 2.25"Hx1.5"Wx1.75"L
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