Christmas In The City, Welcoming Christmas Set of 2

$ 119.00

Christmas In The City, Welcoming Christmas Set of 2

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Candles have been a staple in our industry for always.  No holiday would be complete, and no home décor would be finished without candles.   Though no longer a necessity in our lives, candles and candle stores still abound in shopping districts.  Christmas in the City is no exception.  This elegant brick store, showcasing candlelight in the transoms of the double-hung shop windows, hints of the fine selection to passersby.  

Introduced: April 2018

Platinum Key Dealer Exclusive
Limited to year of production

First in Stock Date: October 1, 2018

Hand painted
Special holiday gift set at a very special price!
Set of 2 includes accessory grouping.  Elegantly dressed for spending the day in stores on 56th Avenue, the included accessory lady recalls the glory days of shopping downtown. 
Series:  Holiday Special, 2018
Electrical:  LED lit, adapter cord included
Replacement Cord:   Custom Adapter
House: 9.75"
Accessory: 2.75"
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